Need a writer?  How about a sound designer and engineer for your next audio drama, theater production, or game? Maybe some dog pics? Everyone likes dog pics.

Hi! I’m Kristina, and I’d love to work with you. I’m a freelance writer, sound designer, audio engineer, and all around nerd with a video game addiction and a fondness for tea.

I’ve been writing ever since I sort of knew how to hold a pencil and fell in love with radio at a young age when I used to make my own shows on my boombox. My two loves, combined with an insatiable obsession with travel, have allowed me to write, record, and explore the world.

I’ve written one novel, edited an essay collection, and contributed to many publications from Seoul Magazine to SYFY. I’ve worked on numerous audio dramas. My podcast boasts over 1 million unique listens and I’ve been on-air talent in both the UK and USA.

Let me help you with…


Having been lucky enough to be a part of Kristina’s amazing podcast I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is a wonderful content creator and an awesome leader. Kristina is a well organized self starter who gets things done. She is multi-talented and, willing and able, to put time and effort into all areas of a project.

Taylor Blumenberg

Kristina was a brilliant and creative social media editor for the professionally edited and externally published community news site East London Lines during the summer of 2014. She inspired in her team of multimedia journalists and editors the urgency and obligation to provide immediate news sharp information that she spun, tailored, metamorphosed through social media platforms. This was achieved with checking, creative though accurate language and style. I regard Kristina as cutting edge and pioneering and her professionalism and reliability is unrivaled and awesome.

Timothy Cook