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Currently: Audio Engineer for Audio Drama Queens and What The Force Productions

Previously I was on-air at Key 103 in Frederick, MD and on Wired Radio in London, England. Below is my current showreel and samples of my creative radio production work.

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Audio Drama


Six women. One book. And a demon from hell. This is Calling Darkness, an audio drama that follows the mishaps of six girls who inadvertently summon a demon, and have to deal with the chilling consequences. Calling Darkness is a horror comedy show from the pens of NoSleep writers, S.H. Cooper and Gemma Amor. It is a part of Audio Drama Queens.

playbutton Calling Darkness Season 1 Trailer
Official trailer for the Calling Darkness podcast.

playbutton Calling Darkness Christmas Jingle
From the cast and crew of Calling Darkness, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

playbuttonSeason One, Episode One – “Class Is In”
In which six girls meet at a strange house in the countryside, swap vibrator jokes, and read poetry.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Two – “A Sticky Situation”
In which the girls make a new friend, learn about cars, and plan an escape. Watch your step.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Three – “A Bathtime”
In which the girls get hungry, Gloria takes a bath, and Cassie runs into a familiar face.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Four – “Someone at the Door”
In which the girls learn the truth of their situation, Phineas returns with a powerful ally, and pizza gets ruined indefinitely.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Five – “Women in the Wallpaper”
In which Annabelle finds herself trapped, Sexy Priest does absolutely nothing ‘Priesty’, and Cassie shows off her mean left hook.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Six – “Cheek to Cheek”
In which Gloria and Montgomery find something unexpected, Phineas gets to play with his toys, and the others work out their vocal cords.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Seven – “Digging Up the Past”
In which Mrs. and Mr. Morwood discuss the sanctity of marriage, Gloria and Montgomery get even closer, and Bridgette just wants to dance.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Eight – “It’s All Going to Hell”
In which the girls venture into the basement, and encounter their deepest, darkest fear: themselves.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Nine – “Betrayal”
In which someone reveals themselves for the first time, Cassie learns that unicorns might not actually exist, and a confession is made.

playbuttonSeason One, Episode Ten – “Burning Down the House”
In which allegiances are formed, tempers flare, and we finally learn the fate of Phin’s jacket.

After a disappointing date with a male Star Wars fan, Ally and her fellow Fangirls, Kristy, Rish, Dani and Lexy find out about a secret screening of Episode IX in 3 days time. They decide to embark on a crazy road trip to attempt to see the movie before anyone else… but most importantly together. Fangirls is an 8 Part Audio drama release monthly about Fangirls in the Star Wars Fandom. It’s about Girls, Relationships and about what they all love… Star Wars. From What The Force Productions.


playbuttonTeaser… The Adventure Begins
The female fandom experience is unique. We all have our own special ways of enjoying Star Wars. Follow the journeys of Ally, Rish, Kristy, Danielle, and Lexy: Fangirls.
playbuttonEpisode I: The Fandom Menace
Ally finds out the hard way that not all Star Wars are created equal, and not all Star Wars fans value Star Wars equally. A first time viewing of Fanboys has disastrous results. But it turns out that Star Wars, a group of friends, and a wild plan can make everything better.
playbuttonEpisode II: Attack of the Road Trip
The Fangirls take their first step into a larger world…and head on a road trip. A rumored surprise showing of Episode IX is their destination, but there are bumps along the way: the meshing of online personalities with living, breathing people; the eternal car climate control debate; and finding out that one of the Fangirls isn’t who she seems to be.
playbuttonEpisode III: Revenge of the Cosplay Queen
The Fangirls confront the revelation that a member of their group hasn’t been honest with them, and the implications for their trip, their friendships, and their futures. The group as a whole, and Ally as individual must confront a situation when the online persona doesn’t match the reality.  And the road trip to IX continues…but with a detour.
playbuttonEpisode IV: A New Hotel
The Fangirls wake up to find themselves in Las Vegas, able to attend a convention and get some respite at a fancy hotel. A fan of Ally’s brings to light the tensions in the group: particularly between Ally and Lexy, and the masks they wear to protect themselves.
playbuttonEpisode V: The Con Strikes Back
Dani fights the eternal fight of work-balance mom life. Kristy mothers everyone (they all need it) and Lex works through some of his own insecurities and feelings, and he needs to find the courage to talk to Ally about them. And Ally finds herself again the object of unwanted affection. On top of this, add a con party, and the fangirls will see how The Con Strikes Back!
playbuttonEpisode VI: Return of the Jilt
Funny how getting what you think you want, can make you realize what you really want. Funny how elevator rides and Star Wars equate romantic revelations. Funny how talking about feelings, paired with food and sleep are restorative. And funny how it is running into a friend who may be your ticket to seeing an advanced screening of Episode IX.
playbuttonEpisode VII: The Assistant Awakens
Waffles make everything better as the fangirls and an unexpected guest continue their journey west. Dani reconnects with her family, friends come to each other’s rescue, and Lex works up the courage to make his move.

A space-traveling theater troupe exploring the galaxy in search of  new home. Performing plays as they travel, this group of actors has many adventures in store, even more stories to tell, and even some mysteries to reveal. From Thrown Together Productions

playbutton Act 1 – Episode 1: Campground Whispers
Alyssa Poe has disappeared in The Black Forest. Her brother goes in search of her, but finds only more questions… and a cult… instead.

playbutton Act 1 – Episode 2: Mist of the Lost
Matthew Poe continues his search for his younger sister in the mysterious Black Forest, but a mist uncovers new secrets and horrors

playbuttonAct 1 – Episode 3: Living Rag Dolls
Matthew “catches” up with Xavier and his favorite spooky spirits

playbuttonAct 1 – Episode 4: The Wild Hunt Pursued by the cult in the forest, Matthew seeks an ally and reunites with an enemy.

What are two time travelling ghost hunters to do when faced with a little girl terrorizing Disneyland? Well, get in the queue! The first part of There’s a Haunting in the Haunted Mansion, introduces Victorian Mason and Alec, the pirate, to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.’

Audio Books


One life, one encounter.

The 1920’s are drawing to a close; war is on the horizon. And just because people don’t lose things in Shinjuku station doesn’t mean that no one gets left behind.

Dusk & Shiver Literary MagazineWinter 2019 Edition

Now that it’s spring, the plants creep back across the barbed wire. And deep inside the forest, something ancient is stirring…

Dusk & Shiver Literary MagazineWinter 2019 Edition



Creative Radio


What would you do if you had 24 hours to live? 24 is a ten minute piece featuring a montage of what nine young people would do if they were to die tomorrow. Features infrequent language and a lot of soundscape.

One minute biography soundscape of my move from Japan to England.

Soundscape of Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul, South Korea.


Voice Reels



I offer custom voice and demo reels for all audio professionals. You can check out more examples and fees here.





shorty_logo_620x620wiredI have been producing and co-presenting a Sherlock Holmes based podcast since 2011 called The Baker Street Babes, which was nominated for a Shorty Award in 2014 for Best Podcast. It’s been featured in the New York Times, The Today Show, USA Today, MTV Geek and more. I was also the co-host for the award winning talk
radio program Hipster Moose.