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Freelance Articles

Why you should watch Japan’s answer to Sherlock Holmes, Polygon

The best K-beauty Instagrammers to follow now, Grok Nation

Inside the Once-Forgotten Bootleg Wizard of Oz Theme Park in the Appalachian Mountains, SYFY

Meet the Sherlock Holmes Fan Who Built His Own 221B Baker Street, VRV

Geek Road Trip: The Geekiest Bars Across America, SYFY

Our Favorite Cosplay From San Diego Comic Con, Grok Nation

Jodie Whittaker Takes The Stage As First Female Doctor Who, Grok Nation

We Picked Our Favorite Korean Facemasks For All Skin Types, Grok Nation

Jurassic Park And Other Theme Park Rides About To Go Extinct, FANDOM

Why Magic Kingdom Is The Best Park At Walt Disney World, FANDOM

Ranking The Best Disney Parks From Personal Experience, FANDOM

6 Insta-Famous Cosplayers Queer Cosplayers Reveal How Their Identities Intersect, GO Magazine

How To Be A Steampunk Dandy: Fashion, Accessories And Attitude!, Rebels Market

Passion For Fashion, Badassery Magazine, March 2017

Why You Should Consider Teaching English Overseas, Teach English: ESL

No Ordinary Concert, Music Feature, Korea Magazine, 2016

Best City I’ve Ever Gotten Lost In, Venice, Travel Her Story

10 Reasons To Be Excited About ‘The Librarians’, BuzzFeed

5 Peter Capaldi Performances to Watch Before the Premiere of Doctor Who, BuzzFeed

Music Columnist, Seoul Magazine (March 2017 – Present)

I am the music columnist for Seoul Magazine, writing about the Korean music industry comings and goings every month. Below is a selection of my pieces written for them.

SeoulMagazineJanuary2018The Problem With Korean Music Award Shows, January 2018

Sasaengs Stalking Seoul, November 2017

The Retro Repackage, October 2017

The (Re?)Rise of the Idol Band, September 2017

A Breath of Fresh Air to an Old Art, August 2017

Gummy Returns After Nine Years, July 2017

Born In New York, Made In Seoul, June 2017

The Lyrebird Quartet & Volstead Monday Night Jazz, April 2017

J, Reborn: Welcoming Back JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong With Guitars & Cake, March 2017

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Getting An Illegal Tattoo in Korea

Musical Theater in Korea: Dorian Gray

Sounds of Seoul: Bongeunsa Temple

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Fishing Festival

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What to Expect from TNT’s The Librarians

Rebranding Drama for Harvest Moon Series

Tea: Therapy Of A Different Kind

NYCC: Kingdom Hearts ReMIX 2.5

NYCC: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD