I am a travel addict, having caught the bug in undergrad with my first trip abroad. Now I’m over 49 countries deep and have no plans on stopping. I’ve lived in Japan, Korea, and England, done an archaeological dig in Israel, trekked through the jungle in Cambodia, and driven 10,000 miles in a tiny car from London to Mongolia as part of The Mongol Rally.


I’ve also done audio work along the way, here’s an example of a sound biography of my move from Japan to London.

Because I wanted to begin writing about my adventures, I decided to enter the world of travel blogging…


So I started The Nerdventurists, a travel blog exploring the world with a geeky twist. I co-host the site with my travel buddy Sora, and we are quickly growing our audience in the travel blogging world. Here’s a bit about The Nerdventurists, from the site:

So who are The Nerdventurists? We’re two girls who happen to be mega nerds and epic travelers. We hum the Doctor Who theme while playing Assassin’s Creed and Dragon Age. We draw and read comic books, attend and panel at conventions around the world, and interact with the geek community online with thousands of followers. We’re out to prove that not only can a group of ladies hit the road for an adventure of a lifetime, but that not all geeks hide away in basements 24/7 (not that there’s anything wrong with that, basements are cozy).

We’re celebrating geekdom, literature, and adventure as The Nerdventurists.  But who are we? Meet the crazy ladies who are hitting the road…

I’m looking to constantly continue exploring the world by all means necessary, all the while staying true to my nerdy self.